Established in 1978, Honest Sensor is one of the most experienced and dedicated Encoder manufacturers in Taiwan. As the world is becoming ever more dependent on automated systems to provide productivity, high precision, and pinpoint accuracy, we see it as our mission to provide the most reliable and affordable building blocks for companies that are seeking dependable and robust automation systems, whatever their end product. Our expertise includes incremental optical rotary encoders, encoder modules and high quality encoder discs. Our optical encoders and discs are used in broad spectrum of applications, such as: stepping motors, servo motors, robotics, medical equipment, industrial automations, and many other applications which require position feedback.

The name “Honest Sensor” depicts our goal and vision to present our customers the precision and high value products that are tailored for their needs. “Honest” also describes the core spirit of how we conduct our business. We base our business on trust and integrity, such that all of our customers, new or old, know that they are in dependable hands.

With 39 years of experience and great passion for the future, Honest Sensor will continue to serve its customers worldwide with high quality products, reasonable prices and responsive customer service. We are equipped for the coming future and excited to participate in all kinds of automation projects, such as motion control systems. The success of our customers is our joy and pride!





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